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To: Yo-EMM. by Shiro-Sampaguita
Hey! A new Key! by Shiro-Sampaguita
Wip by Shiro-Sampaguita
just note what you would like.
small animation or Chibi
A cup of Repzion. by Shiro-Sampaguita
Testbitch2 preview picture by Shiro-Sampaguita
Cheap chibi commisions. by Shiro-Sampaguita
(if you want me to imitate a style, you have to give links to it no matter how famous it is.)
12 points, per character. 
please note the details.
P.s If you want the chibi(s) to be in a cup or a another item
I only do my own chibi style because it's difficult for me to imitate a style in a cup.
Key by Shiro-Sampaguita
Ib by Shiro-Sampaguita
Ene by Shiro-Sampaguita
Oc that I'm probably never going to use. by Shiro-Sampaguita
commission by Shiro-Sampaguita
just a headshot (if you want me to imitate a style, you have to give links to it no matter how famous it is..).
10 points, per character.
please note the details.

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Quickie by Shiro-Sampaguita
Just made his redesign really REALLY quickly before getting the last couple of stuff for a party I'm going to!
(where, funny enough, the guys who made the original character will probably be at too!)
Anyway, Theodore's design is based on Beelzebub's more human-like form, from Yondemasuyo Azazel-san and pudding, from tokyo mew mew.
I have no idea how the guy will feel about that, nor do I care :v cause its my character now.
Nerds and birds refs by Shiro-Sampaguita
Nerds and birds refs
Daniel and Faith's refs,
Causse They got similar colour patterns.

Oh, and these guys are going to be the protagonists of the first couple of chapters so hope you like them.
[I can't draw ravens], oh and I forgot the watermarks
Uesless update:
My watermark has changed to be more noticeable.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore)
Third p.o.v(?)

It was a nice and sunny monday for May, being around 25 and just started to live on her own, no roommates and all, everything she did everyday was suddenly a lot of fun for her, doing her job as a candle maker, shopping for food, making her own dinners, even shopping for boring stuff like yarn and candlesticks was fun and exciting for her.
But those "good times" can't last forever you know,

There was a fire near May's home

She just happened to be a witness,
but something just clicked inside of her.
Something dangerous.

Maybe it was the sweet, sweet screams of the dying, begging for a god to save them,

Maybe it was the absolutely wonderful and addicting smell of the fire as it burned the house, and all of the people inside it.

Maybe it was the feeling of power she had since she was a witness to it all and she could call for help at any minute.

She didn't know what it was, and doesn't care either.
She just knew that she wanted- no, needed more of it

After weeks of preparing she finally did it, she killed a man,
She couldn't even remember his name thanks to all the excitement and rush from killing so quickly and mercilessly.
May stared down at the now lifeless body as the blood from their wounds, that are filled with needles and the knife she had ready, started to color her beautiful white floor carpet with the disgusting red. She wasn't scared though, rather she was a bit disappointed with the kill, he didn't fight back, he couldn't, how do you fight someone while facing away from them. She sat down in the couch, staining it a bit with the blood of the man, thinking about how to get rid of the body.

And she remembered why she killed him in the first place,
And she smiled to herself, let out a fit of giggles for forgetting why and then dragged the body to her private garage to chop him off,
Limp by, beautiful limp, knowing that no one will recognize him once she's done with him.

She dipped each limb, one by one, as watched in delight as the red wax covered the wick and the limb that was tied to it. As soon as unfinished candles touch the floor, she started cut into the candles with her tool to give it a simple designs, the right arm would have flowers on it, the left would have circles, the head and torso would be the base for all the candles to sit on and so on and so forth.
When the work was done, she places all the newly made candles at the corners of her living room, making sure that no one could realize what was under the wick and all the wax.
She then turned on the television and started clean up the place, all while wickedly smiling to herself as she listened to the news about a man recently disappeared and the only clue the police could find where he was last seen,
it was a Christmas calendar candle that was burned until the fifth number that was covered in blood at the bottom.
Umm, so I guess this is a creepypasta? I don't actually know if this story falls into that category to be honest, and this is the first time I have ever written anything with blood and someone who starts to lust after death or anything like that, so at least give me some credit for at least trying.
Anyway, May is the main character and the killer in this story, and the main inspiration for May is a real serial killer with the name of Anatoly Slivko, a snuf filmmaker and a Boy Scout leader.
i hope this story went well. It's also on wattpat on the name of creepypasta oc May. :3c
Section-pass![wip] by Shiro-Sampaguita
I'm working on a osu skin because why not?
Anyway, this is the section pass picture and I'm working on sfx right now!

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