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Wip by Shiro-Sampaguita
I suddenly came up with this, funny how it sometimes takes days for me to draw something, but other times it just takes a couple of hours. (By the way, it's actually done already but my teacher took it Sooo..)
Style Inspired by
(edit: holy shit I'm awful at taking pictures!)
HEEEEY GUYS! by Shiro-Sampaguita
Wanna see what I'm currently working on that has nothing to do with any fandom at all? No? WELL TOO BAD SUCKERS YOU GET A BORING PICTURE OF THAT!
Cuties by Shiro-Sampaguita
Nothing stopped me soo... idk why i did this but i did
Oh, and I drew blood on them so.. yeah.
YO FrenchiestToast I drew it!
Hey! A new Key! by Shiro-Sampaguita
Hey! A new Key!
It´s my new (not colored cause I´m lazy) redesign of key (now named "Red wine")
I used more time on this than I should. by Shiro-Sampaguita
I used more time on this than I should.
Drawing time: 6 hours plus.
15% went to background
maybe 30% colouring
25% to the character
and 30% on redesigning this guy.


b/w or simple coloured waist up drawing
Untitled by
Chinese dress by Shiro-Sampaguita
Smoke and guns. by Shiro-Sampaguita
note me for details
Im best at drawing females but I can draw men too.
small animation or Chibi
A cup of Repzion. by Shiro-Sampaguita
Testbitch2 preview picture by Shiro-Sampaguita
Cheap chibi commisions. by Shiro-Sampaguita
(if you want me to imitate a style, you have to give links to it no matter how famous it is.)
12 points, per character. 
please note the details.
P.s If you want the chibi(s) to be in a cup or a another item
I only do my own chibi style because it's difficult for me to imitate a style in a cup.
Key by Shiro-Sampaguita
Ib by Shiro-Sampaguita
Ene by Shiro-Sampaguita
Oc that I'm probably never going to use. by Shiro-Sampaguita
commission by Shiro-Sampaguita
just a headshot (if you want me to imitate a style, you have to give links to it no matter how famous it is..).
10 points, per character.
please note the details.

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